TAP by
SDS Industries

TAP Kiln Controllers combine simple touchscreen controls with the most advanced control technology available.

The TAP Kiln Controller integrates with the TAP Kiln Control Mobile app for the ultimate in precisions, ease-of-use, and convenience.

TAP Kiln Controllers – Simplicity & Precision

TAP Kiln
Controllers –
Simplicity &

Our mission is to provide the most user-friendly and precise kiln controllers possible.

With TAP Kiln Controllers by SDS Industries, we have narrowed down our focus to two areas: simplicity and precision. The result is a controller that is easy to use, performs impeccably, and responds to your every touch.

Modernize Your Kiln Firing Experience

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The Simplicity You Need

We’ve taken every measure to ensure that TAP Kiln Controllers give you complete control with a minimum learning curve – with visual ease and quality-of-life features at every stage of the firing process.

TAP Kiln Controllers use intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen kiln controls.

Responsive touchscreen design with a large screen for visual ease.

Full-text display shows complete firing schedules, including alpha-numeric firing schedule titles.

Logical and intuitive menu – with all controls fully visible at all times. 

Large format, high-contrast screen displays kiln temperature and current state during operation.

TAP Kiln Control Mobile (available on iOS and Android) allows you to monitor your kiln, develop and edit programs, and remotely perform TAP Controller functions.

Choose from pre-loaded firing schedules provided by your kiln manufacturer or create custom firing schedules.

Easily modify your firing schedules, with all data displayed on your touchscreen for easy verification or modification.

Visual graphs of your kiln’s chamber temperature, up to the minute, during firing.

Programmable setpoints and hold alerts for on-the-fly adjustments.

Software updates are automatically downloaded to your TAP Controller when connected to WiFi (or when manually updated by USB drive).

Control in the Palm of Your Hand​

You can manage just about every aspect of your life from your mobile device… Why should your kiln firing experience be any different?

The TAP Kiln Control Mobile app gives you complete control over your kiln, even while away from your project. With a two-tier subscription model (Free and Premium), TAP Kiln Control Mobile allows you to only pay for features and functionality you need.

TAP Kiln Control Mobile Firing Overview Screens

Industry-Leading App Features​

The Performance
You Deserve

The ability to control every detail of your kiln during operation is imperative. TAP Kiln Controllers make it easy for you to access all relevant information and perform critical adjustments, ensuring your kiln is always operating at peak performance.

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In addition to buying direct from SDS Industries, we’ve partnered with the top kiln manufacturers and distributors around! So you can purchase a kiln already equipped with a TAP Kiln Controller at one of our partner sites below!

We Stand Behind Our Products

We at SDS Industries are dedicated to providing everything you need to make operating your TAP Kiln Controller as smooth and seamless as possible. The TAP Controller Series is a labor of love for us, which we’ll continue to support and improve for the lifetime of your TAP product. 

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