Everything You Need to Know About Controlling Your Kiln 

Controlling a 2,000-degree box of heat to craft the perfect piece is no easy feat. One wrong move and you can get cracking, melting, run-off, or worse. But with the right resources, practice, and a precise, easy-to-use kiln control device (might we suggest a TAP Kiln Controller?!) you can become one with your kiln.


So, let us welcome you to TAP IN, SDS Industry’s resource center and blog, full of tips and tricks on how you can take total control of your kiln firings and transform your firing experience in the future.

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History of Kilns Blog Header Image

A Complete History of Kilns

For millennia, humans have been using kilns to fire pottery, ceramic, glass, brick, limestone, grain...
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Types of Kilns: An Informative Guide for Kiln Users

Kilns have been used for millennia to create ceramic, glass, and even metal objects. As...
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Complete Guide to Kiln Safety for Your At Home Kiln

When it comes to kilns, it’s safety first! With proper precautions, using an at home...
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What is a Kiln Sitter?

Before the invention of automatic kiln controllers, the kiln sitter was a major innovation in...
Software-Based Kiln Controllers Blog Header Image

Benefits of Software-Based Kiln Controllers

Whether you’re working on ceramics, pottery, glasswork, or metals, software-based kiln controllers allow you to...
This image is a blog header showing a TAP Automatic Kiln Controller

What Does a Kiln Controller Do?

Let’s talk about the high-level nuts and bolts of kiln controllers. Kiln controllers come in...

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