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Scott Shannon

Scott Shannon

New Kiln Temp Controller Options! Introducing the TAP Monitor, TAP & Go, and TAP Micro

Exciting news! SDS Industries is gearing up to launch new additions to the TAP Kiln Control Ecosystem. As part of our commitment to innovative temperature control solutions, we have three new kiln temp controller products coming soon!

Overview of New TAP Kiln Temp Controller Options

TAP Monitor, TAP & Go, and TAP Micro are all designed to be controlled almost entirely through the TAP Kiln Control Mobile App as opposed to an on-unit touchscreen. This allows us to offer these products at a significantly more accessible price point without sacrificing core functionality or ease-of-use.

Below is a quick overview of our three new kiln temp controller options:

  • TAP Monitor: TAP Monitor is a digital pyrometer that pairs with any relay-controlled kiln or oven to provide precise remote temperature monitoring and can be used to add redundancy to your existing controller’s safety shutoff.
  • TAP & Go: Our most simplified control option yet, the TAP & Go is a Single Setpoint controller, making it ideal for heat treat, knife-making, or for users who don’t need to execute complex firings.
  • TAP Micro: Enjoy the robust capabilities of TAP at a lower price point! TAP Micro offers a limited feature set and is controlled entirely through the TAP Kiln Control Mobile App, making it the perfect entry-level controller.

TAP Monitor, TAP & Go, and TAP Micro are all built on a modular platform, with add-on options like a 2.4” Capacitive Touchscreen, an Output Adapter, and an Input Power Adapter. These add-ons snap right onto the Controller Board, so you only pay for the functionality you need!

An isometric rendering of SDS Industries' new modular kiln temp controllers.

TAP Monitor: A Precise Digital Pyrometer and Safety Device

Available as a set of configurable components for DIY install, or as a plug-and-play standalone digital pyrometer, TAP Monitor is the most advanced digital pyrometer on the market today. TAP Monitor is a limit controller that adds precise temperature readings, remote monitoring, push notification alerts, and safety redundancy to any kiln or oven. The TAP Monitor allows you to:

  • Precisely monitor the temperature of your kiln, oven, or forge via the TAP Kiln Control Mobile App or on an optional 2.4” touchscreen display.
  • View digital pyrometric readouts from any manually controlled kiln, including remote readouts via TAP Kiln Control Mobile when TAP Monitor is connected to your local network.
  • Easily add precise, real-time digital temperature readings to your manual kiln or oven.
  • Add remote monitoring to your existing automatically controlled kiln.
  • Use TAP Monitor as a limit controller and kiln safety device to add redundant max temperature shutoff (the configurable components can also interface with solid state relays or mechanical relays (with the output adapter) to add relay redundancy).

The TAP Monitor Standalone includes a TAP Monitor Pyrometer (with a 2.4” Capacitive Touchscreen), a USB Power Cable and a Type K Thermocouple, making it a plug-and-play solution. Available options for the DIY components include a 2.4” Capacitive Touchscreen, a 24VAC to 5VDC Power Adapter, and a Relay Output Adapter.

3D rendering of the TAP Monitor Limit Controller

Use-Cases for TAP Monitor

The TAP Monitor isn’t intended to replace your current kiln temp controller. However, you can pair TAP Monitor with any existing kiln controller option on any type of kiln to provide remote monitoring, safety redundancy, and additional peace of mind.

TAP & Go: A Straightforward Single Setpoint Kiln Temp Controller

Not every kiln operator needs to ability to create and execute complex firing schedules with multiple steps, setpoints, or ramp rates. TAP & Go is a simplified, single setpoint controller. You just enter the temperature you want the kiln or oven to heat to and let the controller do the work, making it ideal for heat treat, knife-making, or for users who don’t need to execute complex firings. With built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, TAP & Go can be used with the TAP Kiln Control Mobile App whether a local internet connection is available or not.

TAP & Go gives kiln operators the ability to:

  • Heat their kiln to hold indefinitely at a single setpoint.
  • Remotely monitor the temperature of their kiln and abort firings through the TAP Kiln Control Mobile App.
  • Enjoy complete remote monitoring and control of their kiln or oven with a premium subscription to the TAP Kiln Control Mobile App.

Available options for TAP & Go include a 2.4” Capacitive Touchscreen, a 24VAC Power Input Adapter, and a 12VDC Relay Output Adapter.

Use-Cases for TAP & Go

TAP & Go has a straightforward feature set for users who need straightforward functionality from their kiln or heat treat oven controller. Since it’s incapable of multiple setpoints, hold times, or ramp rate, TAP & Go won’t be suitable for most users working with ceramics or glass. However, for users who are making blades, knives, or doing other heat treat processes, or for glassblowers and flameworkers who are using pick up ovens, the TAP & Go may be an extremely cost-effective kiln temp controller option!


TAP Micro: The Perfect Entry-Level Kiln Temp Controller

TAP Micro, available for preorder here, is a minimalist kiln temp controller that allows you to operate your kiln with a precise, easy-to-use user interface from your mobile device or tablet. TAP Micro allows you to use the TAP Kiln Control Mobile App to:

  • Manage temperature for single-zone kilns, ovens, or furnaces.
  • Create, edit, label, save, and execute an unlimited number of firing schedules and steps.
  • Quickly check the status of your kilns with easy-to-read indicators, simple graphs of your schedules and current firings, and push notifications.
  • Fully control and monitor your projects remotely, with the option for extra features like Remote Start via in-app purchases.

Available options for TAP Micro include a 2.4” Capacitive Touchscreen, a 24VAC Power Adapter, and a 12VDC Output Adapter.

Use-Cases for TAP Micro

It’s important to note that the TAP Micro is only intended for new kiln and oven builds. Due to its dimensions and wiring, TAP Micro isn’t intended as a drop-in replacement for your current automatic controller (to upgrade your existing automatic controller, check out TAP Standalone Kiln Temp Controllers and Conversion Kits!).

However, TAP Micro is the perfect solution for:

  • Accessing the simplicity, precision, and reliability of TAP at a significantly lower price point.
  • Adding remote control functionality to your kiln, oven, or furnace to enjoy all the benefits of software-based kiln controllers.
  • Confident DIYers, who don’t mind doing their own installs or making modifications to their kiln.

Additionally, upon release, TAP Micro will be available on new kiln and oven build from select distributors and manufacturers.


Choose TAP for Your Kiln Temp Controller Options

While we’re super excited for these new additions to our TAP Ecosystem of Products – and to help make the convenience of TAP more accessible for more users – these aren’t a replacement for our mainline, fully-featured TAP Kiln Controllers.

The TAP and TAP II Controllers by SDS Industries will remain the most advanced, precise, and easy-to-use automatic kiln controllers on the market for multi-zone and single-zone kilns, respectively. With responsive touchscreen controls, an intuitive graphical UI, and integration with the TAP Kiln Control Mobile App, TAP Kiln Controllers can pair with any relay-controlled kiln or oven.

We invite you to explore our selection of automatic kiln controllers, standalones, and conversion kits on our online store. You can also purchase TAP Digital Controllers or TAP-Controlled Kilns and Heat Treat Ovens through one of the following distributors:

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