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Introducing the TAP Monitor Standalone Limit Controller & Digital Pyrometer – the most advanced digital pyrometer for kilns on the market today. TAP Monitor Standalone easily plugs into your relay-controlled kiln or oven to add precise temperature readings, remote monitoring, push notification alerts, and safety redundancy. The TAP Monitor seamlessly integrates with the TAP Kiln Control Mobile app to let you remotely monitor the status of your kiln from your smartphone, watch, or tablet.

TAP Monitor is also available as configurable components for a DIY install that can be wired directly to a redundant safety relay here.


TAP Monitor Product Details


The TAP Monitor is an advanced, user-friendly limit controller and digital pyrometer that gives you the ability to:

  • Easily modernize your manual or automatic kiln or oven build to include remote monitoring
  • Protect yourself and your family by wiring TAP Monitor to a safety relay to provide redundant safety shutoff
  • Enjoy peace of mind by knowing the exact temperature of your kiln, oven, or forge every step of the way (via TAP Kiln Control Mobile)
  • Save time and effort by knowing the state of your kiln no matter where you are
  • Ensure more consistent outcomes and enjoy added convenience by upgrading your existing automatically or manually controlled kiln to include precise, real-time digital temperature readings


Power: Micro USB – 5VDC

Input: Type K Thermocouple

Outputs: N/A

Output Channels: N/A



The TAP Monitor Standalone Digital Pyrometer can be used with any new or existing kiln, oven, or furnace.



TAP Monitor pairs with the TAP Kiln Control Mobile app (available on iOS and Android) to allow you to:


  • See the precise temperature of your kiln no matter where you are
  • Remotely monitor the temperature of any TAP Device on your wireless network from your smartphone, watch, or tablet
  • Edit maximum temperature shutoff thresholds for added safety and security during firings
  • Create setpoint alerts to receive push notifications when certain temperatures have been reached



Power Input
» Operating Voltage: 5VDC +- 10%
» Operating Current: 500mA
» Power: 2.5W


Sensor Inputs and Operating Range
» Type K: -454 to 2500F


Environmental Operating Conditions
» Operating Temperature: 0 to 170F
» Non-Operating Temperature: -30 to 205F
» Relative Humidity: 0 to 90%, non-condensing


» Calibration Ambient Temperature: 77F +- 5 (25C +- 3)
» Calibration Accuracy: +- 0.1% of span, +- 1C at calibrated ambient temperature



  • TAP Monitor Pyrometer
  • USB Cable
  • Type K Thermocouple
  • Instruction Manual


Applications for TAP Monitor Digital Pyrometer

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Precise Real-
Time Pyrometric Readings

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Safety Redundancy
and Automatic

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Remote Kiln Temperature Monitoring

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Manual Kilns

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