TAP Wall Mount Standalone


Easily upgrade your manual kiln to the most advanced kiln controller on the market! The TAP Wall Mount Standalone Kiln Controller is designed to be plug-and-play – including everything you need to seamlessly upgrade your kiln or oven with no (or extremely minimal) modification.

The TAP Standalone Kiln Controller is also available in a Table Top Configuration.

Selecting the Right Power Cord

To determine the right power cord for your kiln, please refer to the NEMA Plug and Receptacle chart below. Once you have determined the plug type, select from the configuration options. If your particular plug type or receptacle isn’t listed on the chart, please contact us so that we can discuss your available options. A NEMA Plug Chart to help users select the right power cord for the TAP Standalone Kiln Controller

Note: TAP Standalone Controllers are made to order, and shipping times may vary. The current estimated shipping time for each controller is 4-8 weeks.


TAP Wall Mount Standalone Kiln Controller


The TAP Wall Mount Standalone Controller provides you the ability to:


  • Easily upgrade your manual kiln to the convenience and precision of TAP
  • Save time and avoid misfires with a precise, easy-to-use touchscreen controller
  • Easily manage temperatures for single-zone kilns, ovens, or furnaces with logical menus and full-text displays
  • Create, edit, label, and save an unlimited number of firing schedules and steps – no support manual or firing codes needed
  • Quickly check the status of your kilns with easy-to-read indicators, simple graphs of your schedules and current firings, and push notifications to your mobile devices
  • Fully control and monitor your projects remotely via the TAP Kiln Control Mobile app, with the option for extra features via in-app purchases
  • Enjoy peace of mind with preventative maintenance alerts, automatic software updates, safety shutoff, and an industry leading 3-year extended warranty!



Power: 120 or 240VAC – Configuration Dependent

Input: Type K Thermocouple 

Outputs: 12VDC 

Output Channels: 1 Element, 1 Safety 



The TAP Wall Mount Standalone Kiln Controller is compatible with any electrically powered manual kiln or oven build. To replace an existing automatic controller, check out TAP Conversion Kits.



The TAP Kiln Control Mobile app (available on iOS and Android) allows you to:


  • Safely abort firings from your mobile device
  • Remotely monitor your kiln firing
    Set alerts to be notified when equipment on your kiln (relay, thermocouple, and elements) are nearing their lifespan so you can replace them BEFORE they conk out mid-project

A Premium Plan unlocks additional features to provide almost complete remote control:

  • Remotely start your kiln, edit your schedules, and make real-time firing adjustments from your mobile device
  • Export logs from your mobile device via email

Subscription plans for the TAP Kiln Control Mobile App for the TAP II Controller.


Power Input
» Operating Voltage: 24VAC +- 10%
» Operating Current: 500mA
» Power: 12VA

Sensor Inputs and Operating Range
» Type K: -454 to 2500F

Process Control Outputs
» Number of Element Control Outputs: 1
» Number of Safety Outputs: 1
» Output Voltage: 12VDC
» Max Simultaneous Output Current: 2A

Environmental Operating Conditions
» Operating Temperature: 0 to 170F
» Non-Operating Temperature: -30 to 205F
» Relative Humidity: 0 to 90%, non-condensing

» Calibration Ambient Temperature: 77F +- 5 (25C +- 3)
» Calibration Accuracy: +- 0.1% of span, +- 1C at calibrated ambient temperature


Real-Time Clock with Battery Backup
» Field replaceable lithium battery – CR1220

Data Logging, Retention, and Access
» Local data logging
» File Types: CSV
» Transfer: Email
» Storage: 220MB internal



  • TAP II Controller
  • Wall Mount Control Box
  • Power Cord
  • Type K Thermocouple


Applications for TAP Wall Mount Standalone

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Easily Upgrade
Manual Kilns

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Single Zone
Kilns & Ovens

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Single Element
Heat Treat Ovens

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Firing Processes

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Add Remote
Kiln Control

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Add Remote
Kiln Monitoring

TAP Wall Mount Standalone Resources

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