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The TAP WiFi Dongle brings network connectivity to the original TAP Controller – and unlocks remote kiln control and temperature monitoring through the TAP Kiln Control Mobile app . Additionally, network connectivity enables automatic downloads of TAP Software Updates.

The TAP WiFi Dongle is only required for the original TAP Controller. TAP II, TAP Monitor, TAP Micro, and TAP&Go all have integrated WiFi.

While we sell the TAP WiFi Dongle for the convenience of our customers, we encourage you to save over 50% by purchasing a TP Link TL-WN823n Dongle directly through Amazon.


TAP Wifi Dongle Product Details

Use the TAP WiFi Dongle (or a third-party TP Link TL-WN823n) with your original TAP Controller to unlock the most advanced features of TAP:

  • Receive automatic software updates to make sure your TAP Controller always has the latest features
  • Enjoy peace of mind by knowing the exact temperature of your kiln, oven, or forge every step of the way
  • Save time and effort by knowing the state of your kiln no matter where you are
  • Stay informed with real-time push notifications throughout the course of the firing
  • Maintain complete control over your project at all times – from adjusting settings to editing schedules, making firing adjustments, aborting firings, and more

Use for free or upgrade to a Premium Subscription for advanced features like Remote Start.


USB WiFi Dongle is plug-and-play with all original TAP Controllers having software version 3.0 or later. Upgrade to the latest available software for the best results.


The TAP WiFi Dongle is only compatible with the original TAP Kiln Controller – TAP II, TAP Micro, TAP Monitor, and TAP&Go all have integrated Wifi.


Applications for TAP WiFi Dongle

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Access to TAP
Kiln Control

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Temperature Monitoring

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