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The TAP Kiln Controller, by SDS Industries, is the first commercially available consumer kiln controller to utilize an intuitive graphical interface with an easy-to-read touchscreen display. Whether you’re looking to upgrade from a manual controller or wanting to replace your existing automatic controller, we have the solution you need!

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Why Choose TAP?

Our goal with TAP is to provide a temperature control solution that enables you to experience a range of higher performance for your kiln, with simplicity and visual ease, even when you have to step away. By satisfying the complex requirements of a kiln controller, we deliver the most refined and precise electronic controller available.

This means that firing schedule development and review is completed in full-text on a large format, high-contrast, touch-controlled screen. Utilizing full-text, alpha-numeric firing schedule titles means you never have to guess what schedule you are looking for.

The TAP Kiln Control Mobile App (available on iOS and Android) enables you to monitor your kiln, develop and edit schedules, modify settings, review logs, perform TAP Controller functions (and more) from your mobile device. The app is accessible via our USB WiFi Dongle for direct access without requiring disassembly of the kiln.

TAP easily enables on-the-fly changes so you can adjust setpoint temperatures, hold times, and skip ahead during the firing process. These changes are updated in real-time and displayed in full-text along with a visual graph of the chamber temperature so the firing history can be observed while it is taking place.

You have the choice of using either pre-loaded firing schedules supplied by your kiln manufacturer or creating your own custom firing schedules. The creation of custom firing schedules is unlimited and can be stored for future use and modified as needed.

Standalone Kiln Controllers enable you to easily upgrade your manual kiln with all the cutting-edge functionality of TAP. Installation of the controller, which comes preloaded with the control software is simple and requires nothing more than reviewing the provided plug and receptacle chart and identifying which style power cord the kiln uses. After that information is determined, you can simply select from the configuration options and get to work.

TAP uses a PID control algorithm to ensure that schedules are accurately followed. The algorithm also enables fast response, minimal overshoot, and limited state ready error for superb control performance.

In addition to the ability to replace manual controllers, the SDS conversion kits allow users to painlessly convert from any other automatic controller to TAP.

Not Convinced Automatic Controllers are the Right Choice?

Until recently, most kiln controllers were limited to manual controllers with a simple on/off switch, a dial to adjust firing time, and a pyrometer to provide information on the kiln temperature. While these manual controllers are easy to get started with and provide a hands-on experience during the firing process, they often provide inconsistent results and demand constant attention. Manual controllers lack the ability to gradually decrease temperatures or properly hold annealing cycles, making them inadequate for complex projects.

Automatic kiln controllers allow you to set and choose the firing schedule right from the start. All SDS Controllers can come pre- loaded with schedules from the kiln manufacturer or you can create custom firing schedules. 

Not only do automatic controllers enable you to have more of a hands-off approach with your projects, but they are more systematic and, consequently, reliable. Manual controllers require constant attention and quick human responses to ensure that the firing programs’ process occurs at precisely the right temperature and time. On the other hand, automatic controllers enable consistent control, steady temperatures, and the ability to gradually control the rate of temperature change.

TAP is the only kiln controller for sale that provides greater insight and feedback into the performance of your kiln. TAP specifically provides a real-time look into the usage of critical kiln components, allowing you to view the number of relay actuations, the time heating elements have been on, and the time thermocouples have been exposed to high temperatures. This insight will keep you informed of the health and status of the kiln and allow for the replacement of critical components before they fail.
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