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Ditch your complicated, outdated controller and swap it out for TAP!

TAP Conversion Kits include everything you need to easily replace your current 3- or 12-key controller and enjoy the cutting-edge, easy-to-use features of TAP Digital Controls. Zero modification required!

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The Benefits of TAP Kiln Controller Kits

Tired of complicated controls, nearly illegible text, and seemingly hidden menu items? With TAP Digital Kiln Controllers, we set out to provide a better, more streamlined user experience, providing more simplicity and precision than any other controller on the market. TAP Conversion Kits are a plug-and-play solution that make it easy to access all the benefits of TAP without having to modify your control box.

A large format, high contrast, responsive touchscreen allows you to easily manage and review firing schedules. Full-text, alpha-numeric firing schedule titles make finding the right schedule easy.

The TAP Kiln Control Mobile app enables you to monitor your kiln, develop and edit schedules, modify settings, and more from the palm of your hand.

Easily make on-the-fly changes to adjust setpoint temperatures, hold times, and skip ahead during the firing process. These changes are updated in real-time and displayed in full text along with a visual graph of the chamber temperature so the firing history can be observed while it’s taking place.
Choose from pre-loaded firing schedules supplied by your kiln manufacturer or create custom firing schedules. The creation of custom firing schedules is unlimited and can be stored for future use or modified as needed.
TAP Conversion Kits include a TAP Controller, TAP Conversion Box, a Wiring Harness Adapter, and Mounting Hardware to let you upgrade your current digital controller without having to modify your control box.
TAP’s PID control algorithm ensures that schedules are accurately followed. The PID control allows for fast response, minimal overshoot, and limited steady state errors for superb precision. 
Ready to Get Started with TAP?

TAP Kiln Temperature Controller Kits can be used for any new kiln or oven build, or as a replacement for existing digital controllers. They can also easily integrate into all types of manual and digital kilns including Skutt, Paragon, L&L, Olympic, and more. For conversion kits and standalones, visit our Shop Page. Or if you are thinking about purchasing a new kiln, you can find TAP Digital Controls pre-installed on Evenheat,  Hot Shot, Jen Ken, and Delphi branded kilns.

TAP II Kiln Controller User Interface

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