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TAP Digital Kiln Temperature Controllers utilize an intuitive graphical interface with an easy-to-read touchscreen display.

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    Coming soon! The TAP Micro Kiln Controller is fully controlled via the TAP Kiln Control Mobile app. Without a display screen, this is our most af...

    The TAP Micro Kiln Controller is an advanced, low-cost kiln controller

    TAP Micro


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TAP Digital Kiln Controllers

Combine simplicity, precision, and support to modernize your firing experience.

The TAP and TAP II Controllers both offer user-friendly graphical user interfaces and intuitive touchscreen controls. Both controllers pair with the TAP Kiln Control Mobile app for almost complete remote control.

The TAP Micro (coming soon!) is controlled almost entirely through the TAP Kiln Control Mobile app. By ditching the touchscreen, the TAP Micro is a cost-effective entry point to the TAP Kiln Control Ecosystem.

An overview of different control screens of the TAP II Kiln Controller.

Easily manage every facet of your kiln...

Menus are logically arranged, so that you can create and organize schedules and update any of your kiln controller settings without having to consult a user manual.

Accessibility and ease-of-use are built in to every component of the user interface.

TAP II Kiln Controller User Interface

…without compromising precision and control

Under the hood of the simplistic UI, TAP Digital Controllers utilize the most advanced kiln-firing technology on the market.

TAP II Kiln Firing Schedule Selector

Pair your digital kiln temperature controller with the TAP Kiln Control Mobile app for almost complete remote control

Easily perform all TAP Controller functions from the palm of your hand – with alerts, alarms, and push notifications for peace of mind. Upgrade your app subscription to enjoy premium features like Remote Start.
The TAP Kiln Controller integrates with the TAP Kiln Control Mobile app for the ultimate in precisions, ease-of-use, and convenience.

Enjoy Support from a Dedicated Team

At SDS Industries, we stand behind our products. All of our original TAP and TAP II Digital Kiln Controllers are backed by an industry-leading 3-year warranty. But beyond that, we are continuously innovating our TAP Kiln Control Mobile app, so you’ll enjoy software updates, upgrades, and new features that are automatically downloaded to your TAP Controller whenever you’re connected to Wi-Fi. And if you do run into any questions or problems, we respond to all inquiries within one business day.

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An alternate view of the TAP IO Board.

What is a PID Temperature Controller?

PID temperature controllers employ closed-loop digital feedback to help control and regulate kiln temperature. PID stands for “Proportional Integral Derivative”. In layman’s terms, PID kiln controllers work by using a mathematical formula to calculate the difference between the input temperature and the current temperature of the application. The automatic controller then adjusts the output to compensate for the detected changes in the system, ensuring that the current temperature is as close to the expected temperature as possible.

Ready to Get Started with TAP?

TAP Kiln Temperature Controller Kits can be used for any new kiln or oven build, or as a replacement for existing digital controllers. They can also easily integrate into all types of manual and digital kilns including Skutt, Paragon, L&L, Olympic, and more. For conversion kits and standalones, visit our Shop Page. Or if you are thinking about purchasing a new kiln, you can find TAP Digital Controls pre-installed on Evenheat,  Hot Shot, Jen Ken, and Delphi branded kilns.

TAP II Kiln Controller User Interface
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