The TAP WiFi Kiln Controller USB Dongle plugs into the USB port of your TAP Controller, enabling you to connect to your preferred network via WiFi. With the TAP Kiln Control Mobile app, you can utilize this WiFi connection to access and control the status of your kiln in real-time from your mobile device.

Screens from the TAP Kiln Control Mobile app--the most advanced kiln control app on the market today.

What are the benefits of using the TAP Controller Kiln with WiFi?

Establishing your kiln controller’s WiFi connection to pair your device with the TAP Kiln Control Mobile app allows you to take full advantage of your WiFi kiln controller. After all, what good is the ease-of-use and high performance of TAP if you’re not able to take it with you on the go? The TAP Kiln Control Mobile app by SDS Industries provides you with peace of mind and complete control over your project, even when you need to take a step away.
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TAP II Kiln Controller User Interface

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