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TAP, by SDS INDUSTRIES is the first commercially available consumer kiln controller that utilizes an intuitive graphical user interface to enable the glass or ceramic artist to immediately start programming and operating their kiln.

TAP is designed as a drop in replacement for any existing 12-key PID kiln controller (glass or ceramic), such as an Orton Autofire® 3000, Bartlett Instruments RTC 1000, or Sentry 2.0 Controller, or can be purchased as a standalone model. We are actively working with kiln manufacturers to ensure TAP is available as a preinstalled option on future kiln models.

The Temperature Automation by Proportional Integral-Derivative (TAP) controller is the first viable, commercially available solution to the art community which incorporates a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for end to end control of a firing process. This controller is designed to take the guess work out of firing schedule creation, modification, execution, and monitoring. The intuitive touchscreen interface utilizes a smart-phone like UI to enable immediate out of the box use. This unique design approach alleviates the need to continually refer back to the User Manual for performing the most basic tasks.


  • Open Thermocouple Detection

  • On-Board Diagnostics to Verify Input/Output Operation

  • Energy Efficient Design

  • iOS App with Full Remote Control

  • Enhanced Data Logging for After Action Reports and Troubleshooting

  • Preventative Maintenance with Relay, TC, and Element Life Reporting to Help Build Your Service Plan Subscriptions