Bartlett 3 Key Controller Replacement

Bartlett 3 Key Controller Replacement


This product can be configured as a new controller or drop-in replacement for Orton or Bartlett 3 key or 12 key controllers.

Bartlett 3-key controllers go by some of the following common names:

  • Model 3K
  • Set-Pro

New controllers will be shipped with a standard slimline faceplate and a wiring harness to support 24VAC input power and the use of 3 element driving output channels, 2 auxiliary outputs, a safety output.

Drop-in replacement controllers will be shipped with a 3-key or 12-key faceplate (depending on selected configuration) designed to match existing controller mounting hole patterns, and a wiring harness adapter designed to reuse all existing control box components. Simply plug the adapter cable into the existing wiring harness and installation is complete.

WARNING: Some control boxes do not have controller punch outs large enough to support TAP without some modification. If you're not interested in making control box modifications, please refer to our conversion kits. Additionally, the TAP conversion kits offer easy access to the TAP USB and Ethernet port via an open bottom access port.

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