NEMA 5-15 Table Top Standalone

NEMA 5-15 Table Top Standalone


This product will take 2-4 weeks to ship.

Upgrade your existing manual kiln with the leading-edge features of TAP.

The NEMA 5-15 Table Top standalone controller includes Mechanical Relays and everything you need to start controlling a manual kiln.

Available models include the following:

  • NEMA 5-15 Wall Mount

  • NEMA 5-15 Table Top

  • NEMA 5-20 Wall Mount

  • NEMA 6-20 Wall Mount

  • NEMA 6-30 Wall Mount

  • NEMA 6-50 Wall Mount

  • 60 Amp Direct Wire

Review the attached NEMA Plug and Receptacle chart to identify which style power cord your kiln plugs in with. Once you’ve determined the plug type, select from the configuration options. If you don’t see your plug type listed, please contact us to discuss your options.

Image for representative purposes only. Wall Mount power cord may vary from that pictured. When ordering this particular wall mount controller, verify that your kilns voltage, amperage and power supply cord configuration match the specifications selected.

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This control solution is the easiest and most effective way to automate the firing on an existing kiln controlled with infinite switches or a Kiln Sitter ®. With this controller, you can make any existing manually controlled kiln an automated one!

This product includes the TAP controller, wall mount or table top control box (depending on selected configuration), and power cord. No additional components are required. The control box includes the necessary transformer, outlet, relays, and thermocouple. Additionally, easy access to the TAP USB and Ethernet port are available via the open bottom access port. Depending on configuration, this product will include either a Mechanical, Mercury, or Solid State relay. Review specific products for details on included relay.

Include the WiFi add-on to enable wireless network connectivity. This upgrade offers all the functionality of the wired Ethernet connection with the convenience of a wireless link.