Software Updates

TAP Controllers Software Updates

TAP II Software Update

Latest revision 2.5
Posted on 05.01.2023

Newest features and fixes:

  • Add Enhanced Diagnostic Data
  • Improve Software Update Process
  • Configuration Recovery When Corrupt
  • Add temperature read timestamps to firing log
  • Disable output on error prior to writing log
  • Bug Fixes

Instructions for Updating Your TAP II Software

STEP 1 – Establishing an Internet Connection

  • If you are not connected to the internet, connect your controller to a wireless network with internet access by navigating to Menu>Settings>Network and selecting an available local wireless network. You can use a hotspot from a mobile device, if necessary. Follow the on-screen prompts to connect to the internet.
  • If you are connected to the internet, simply reboot your controller to activate the software update pop-up.
  • Please note, if you do not have access to a wireless network or the ability to create a hotspot to connect to, contact SDS Industries.TAP II Network Wireless

STEP 2 – Installing Software Update

  • After the connection is complete, reboot your controller by powering the kiln/controller off and back on using the power switch/button.
  • Once the controller comes back up, the update will download automatically and present a pop-up message saying an update is available for installation.
  • Select “Install Now” to have the update installed. The controller will automatically reboot within 10 seconds. Do not power off the controller after pressing Install Now.TAP II Software Update Pop Up

STEP 3 – Confirming Software Update

  • After the controller reboots, select Menu and confirm the software version at the bottom center of the screen.TAP II - Main Menu - Software Version

Please note, the software revision in the image is only an example.

TAP Software Update

Latest revision 7.3
Posted on 4.24.2023

Please download TAP Controller Software Updates on your desktop/laptop.


Newest features and fixes:

  • Support Remote Firing Start
  • Auto-Reconnect to Server on Network Interruption
  • Retain Firing Details on Execute Page when firing completes
  • GUI Bug fixes
  • Bug Fixes

Please download the appropriate software update according to your kiln manufacturer. If you purchased your controller directly from SDS Industries, download the SDS Industries user file.

Delphi Users  DOWNLOAD

Evenheat Users  DOWNLOAD

Jen-Ken Users  DOWNLOAD

Hot Shot Users  DOWNLOAD

SDS Industries Users  DOWNLOAD