TAP Kiln Control Mobile

TAP Kiln Control Mobile

Put control back in your hands – easily make adjustments, monitor your kiln, develop and edit schedules, modify settings, review logs, and perform all the essential TAP Controller functions from your mobile device.  

Industry-Leading Features
Industry-Leading Features
Create a TAP Kiln Control Mobile account and easily add all your TAP Kiln Controllers
Monitor your kiln with real-time updates
Quickly check the status of your kilns with easy-to-read indicators
Receive push notifications for schedule step advancement, firing completion, and error conditions
View specific schedules, settings, diagnostics, and error logs 
Create and modify schedules
Update kiln settings
View firing logs with by-the-minute data points
Skip steps and abort firings
The Impact of Mobile Control

The future of SDS Industries is centered around the TAP Kiln Control Mobile app – and for good reasons. The TAP Kiln Control Mobile app enables you to maintain complete control over your kilns, even in a scenario where you need to step away from your projects. After all, what good is the ease of use and high performance of TAP if you’re not able to take it with you on the go? The TAP Kiln Control Mobile app ensures you have complete control and peace of mind over your projects, at all times. Get started by downloading the app today!

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