TAP Kiln Control Mobile

TAP Kiln Control Mobile​

Enjoy complete control of your kiln or oven from the palm of your hand. Easily monitor your kiln, make adjustments, and perform all TAP Controller functions from your mobile device.

TAP Kiln Controller products are specifically designed for glass, ceramic, and heat treat, artists.

Save time and enjoy peace of mind with TAP Kiln Control Mobile.

Streamline your kiln firing experience with the industry-leading kiln controller app.
TAP Kiln Control Mobile Summary Screen
The TAP Kiln Control Mobile app firing schedule management screen.

Change the way you fire.

Pair your controller with TAP Kiln Control Mobile app to provide remote kiln control and temperature monitoring.

Always know the status of your kiln.

The TAP Kiln Control Mobile app provides complete data transparency into your firing process – with alarms and alerts for safety and surety.
Remote kiln monitoring on TAP Kiln Control Mobile
Software update screen for TAP Kiln Control Mobile

Stay up to date with automatic updates.

We are continuously investing in software updates and improved features.

Unlock premium features for your kiln controller app.

With a 2-tier subscription model, select the features you want for your mobile kiln control.

Please review the charts below for the differences between the Free Plan and Premium Plan for our various controller models.

Remote start for your kiln is one of the premium features of TAP Kiln Control Mobile
Transparent Subscription Plans

Below are feature comparison charts for the Free Plan and Premium Plan for the TAP and TAP II Controllers.

TAP Kiln Controller Mobile App Subscription Plan
TAP II Kiln Controller Mobile App Subscription Plan
The higher tiers simply unlock additional convenience and quality-of-life features for users who feel these features are worth paying for. Developing an app was a major investment for us – and we have big plans for future upgrades. The subscription fee for the Premium Plan goes towards maintaining our servers, developing new features, and providing improvements for all users.

The Impact of Mobile Kiln Control

The future of SDS Industries is centered around the TAP Kiln Control Mobile app. We truly believe that mobile control is the future of the kiln control industry. Once you enjoy the convenience and functionality of the TAP Kiln Control Mobile app, there’s no going back! But we invite you to try it for yourself.

The TAP Kiln Control Mobile app enables you to maintain complete control over your kilns, even in a scenario where you need to step away from your projects. After all, what good is the ease-of-use and high performance of TAP if you’re not able to take it with you on the go? The TAP Kiln Control Mobile app ensures peace of mind and complete control over your projects at all times.

Get started by downloading the app today!

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What an incredible app this is. Using my TAP controller is wonderful but watching my kiln from my phone is downright fabulous! The customer service is impeccable.

This is a great app now and I will gladly pay $50 a year to keep updates coming. If you have a tap controller, definitely worth the cost.
This kiln controller and app is a world of difference from the old manual controllers. SDS is quick with support and version updates — they are always improving it. Highly recommend!

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